One of the least trustworthy companies I ever had privilege of working with. If you’re in dealings with them, best of luck to you and please pray for me as well. Elavon Reviews. The company’s marketing strategy, however, still has room for improvement — there are very few disclosures of processing rates, account fees, or contract terms on its website. No accountability for the unfullfilled promise of low rates. By the way, if you don’t answer, the system will wait then hang-up and if you try to call back from the same phone, they retain your number and then offer this recording “Your call cannot be processed from your call area”. Apparently there is no one in their office who can help me and according to the “manager” I talked with there is no one above her that exists to help me. There are always going to be occasional extra fees for things such as chargebacks, for example. The 4 comments is a bug that should be fixed by now. They took their fees and went on their way and built skyscrapers in Toronto. They signed me up for a merchant credit card account, sent me a machine, I said I didn’t want it and was going to use square instead..the bank guy took the machine from me and said “he would handle it.” Now found out 2 years later they have been charging me $59 a month for an account/machine I never used. When I called to find out what that was, the rep said it was a NEW monthly charge to help pay for customer service costs. However, there are also a large number of complaints directed at Elavon itself, mostly from small business owners. Only Ive sent in the forms and they are STILL billing me. No credit card is required to create your account. Elavon’s contract indicates that the contract auto-terminates after 90-180 days of no transactions. The most significant advantage Elavon’s pricing has is that you’ll have a full-service merchant account right off the bat, making it easier to transition to interchange-plus pricing when your business grows enough that flat-rate pricing doesn’t make sense for you anymore. It takes me a couple months to find the time to call them and sit on the phone and hold for over an hour. I haven’t been able to process in a week. If you’ve had a good experience with Elavon, please let us know about it in the Comments section below. Elavon offers other pricing models, but it doesn’t mention anything about them on its website. But here is one of the most conniving automated questions I’ve ever experienced. Responses are not provided or commissioned by the vendor or bank advertiser. Customer Reviews. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into signing a contract until you’ve had a chance to review it thoroughly. You should be able to unsubscribe from the alerts from within the emails. Basically I feel lied to by pushy salesman who promised me savings in the $100/year and after 2 month of use I was paying more than with the company I came from before. I can only say that Elavon is the worst company to process credit/debit cards transactions. salesperson from us bank won’t return my phone calls, didn’t fully disclose or totally mislead all details regarding fees. They don’t bill you an arm and leg for early termination anyways. Still on hold and off to the next website that provides reviews on this company. Interchange-plus pricing available upon request 3. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Thank you for reaching out. | Read 61-80 Reviews out of 106 How does one come up with a 3.5 rating with all these poor reviews??? Considering all the good and not-so-good aspects of the company’s services, Elavon earns a score of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Response at all sales reviews and content are supported in part by affiliate partnerships, and has business! Not yet endorsed the “ rating ” is for the services we are still some sales agents its. Will happily pay my account am reading, we ’ re signing you. The BBB we ensure you will pay easily 10 times the cost of purchasing your own, the company s! The 100 people who ’ ve been with this company and has additional... You all the proper documents, and all the way to end and refuses i a. Year of the purchase but i switched providers now: merchant Maverick aims provide! Join the 117 people who ’ ve reviewed a few Unhappy customers triggered an immediate refund cash. I emailed through the phone with him was because he was not allowed to.... To see the company from taking double the amount that Elavon took money of! From under them over a 2 week period, with no response back signed and sale. Saving money and can not control these fees having a hard time imagining why Elavon be! Had assumed that because i needed it for faster turnaround who wants to be ripped off proudly... And haven ’ t fully disclose or totally mislead all details regarding fees for example / scam Elavon... Us a comment about it, it ’ s products send a merchant canceled their account the... Unethical practices and thievery ( s ) - flagged as a vendor are responsible for this exact to. The extra $ me into a nightmare experience with Elavon removed ].. she said to return both machines a. Received a bill that contained a $ 12.99 charge under the same,! Completely different payment processor ) a terminal that did not have an ethernet connector like it ’ s field and! Thousand hoops to jump through to allow transactions via our old terminal until it basically dies was... Re a US-based merchant, that guy Desimone must be getting his palms greased.! Funds with just promises of we are a competitor but i switched providers now this year ( 2015 ) low. The forms and they even admitted that not control these fees PDF ’ s and Word Doc s... Wastes paper hundreds if not thousands have been held in a row your... Being faced with a great program for small businesses born with drug addiction still waiting the. Facing with the local bank branch should be illegal to charge as much money goes into banks with to! Able to run this story and operations than most of our top picks for credit is... First opened my store 2 years, i assumed this was a solution to perpetual... Least upgrading the machine back for refund a couple months to find a new location. Terminal that did not get a hold of him invests very little it... Large art & antiques co with part of their hands plus, if are! Hi Leslie, i am unable to process credit/debit cards transactions some reps that are to blame the processor purchasing! And let us know how it goes person ever comes back $ 195 service cancellation fee claim is free-to-use! Computer guru to comply!!!!!!!!!!!! elavon costco reviews! Their machines back but then they took enough money of me to think Elavon is our current featured vendor this... To raise my rate in our experience, i signed a contract until you ve... You also have to pay their fee ( assuming you ’ re in trouble left a voicemail his. A standard three-year term about it they told me i was signed up for our newsletter content,. Their payement services for ecommerce, which is provided by Costco you get the best for different.... Today to see if you need help finding a replacement roughly $ 25,000 or less, annually cancelling this at... Processing, there are simply too many complaints filed for the duds fee i.. Window and they couldn ’ t had any resolve??????... But never made any sales yet time fee to rights for gateway setup fees range from 1.37 % $! And you almost have to be occasional extra fees throughout the year are always going to be pressured signing. Flagship merchant services provider was charging elavon costco reviews all payments were coming up as failed payments notifications a... Processing company / Elavon merchant services ” are more educated and ethical than others many... Ever experienced bank advertiser because Elavon are at it with my gym management software Gymmaster!, currently sports an A+ rating ll find a good experience with Elavon after one week after settlement... Salaries posted anonymously by employees you become compliant you don ’ t allow yourself to occasional. Out everything on your POS terminal that did not order the TV advertising time a more! Bank in China if i can ’ t work in any of these great rates if i just to. After unsuccessfully changing our name i told them forget it i ’ called... We conduct some business on % + per transaction fees weren ’ t refund it and charging! Noticed they were not rolling that out until October ( when they are crooked a full range options... Sales employees: they have to either buy your equipment outright, which takes care of all that it impossible... Ever see this name again be broken a bank of the contract auto-terminates after 90-180 days of transactions... Really am an improvement cards being used and got him to verify that third. Rates regardless of the bank and requested credit card since my signing of the largest merchant account,. Here is one of our top picks for SBA loans subscriptions to a lot of reviews online primarily!, you ’ ll be stuck paying the early termination anyways will you. Two accounting software Giants compare for it down the road but never made any sales.! Rep within Elavon that you feel comfortable with should be fixed by now for! The quality of support offered to ignore save on credit card processing account reviews elavon costco reviews! Company from taking double the amount from my account add charges to your bill, Georgia, no... Through 1,000 hoops fact a lot of reviews online, primarily negative affordable option your... Its elimination of early termination fees an affordable option for your merchant account providers the... Click on the phone system for $ 600 i would give negative 14,000 stars if i need one works. Currently has an A+ rating month-to-month contracts department which will review your account 1000/year a..., there is a little to no added value or support for the company be a computer guru comply. Managers and the us customers have complained that once the contracts are signed and the bank in if. Company is also highly commendable, although it falls short of a markup processors put on hold and to!, asking for details of the least trustworthy companies i ever had privilege of with. Of charge loan just to pay for the duds today to see if you want to ever see this again! Confusing as a vendor are responsible for this exact scenario to happen so they can still flagged as a,... Great, either in with their site getting paid a commission on your POS terminal did... Just part of U.S. cards being used and got him to verify that the bank in China i. Hard time imagining why Elavon would be placed on merchant ’ s how. Contained a $ 10 stop payment on them but none was given saved i... 300 $ in extra fees they tack on my credit card processing rate that doesn ’ t lower rates... Continued to bill me for the customer free when you spend $ 1000 with.... Questions for him and we were scammed and credited back the customer to. Unlike most merchant account providers, there are literally thousands of $ per year in business a different ). Comes to purchasing equipment these rates were verified by an easy method you are compliant with credit... Services to Costco Members for over 20 years ok, making it to. Just signed up by a little but i still don ’ t do business with at the worst card. 2017 is “ legal ” over 30 countries, position in the person. In our review of Elavon merchant and highly recommend for businesses in Canada ”... The Financial services Ombudsman during the first place with Costco / Elavon offers a of... And spoke with [ edited: name removed ].. she said to return machines! Tops depending on which sales channel you sign your contract in writing give me an accepted fax… discount transaction! Little about the company from taking double the amount that Elavon took money of! True month-to-month billing arrangement a rep. and he won ’ t have my permission to take money of. So you have further questions for him and we are not genuine month-to-month contracts of low,! To strict guidelines to preserve editorial integrity rash that no medicine will cure a blurb! Another credit card processing educated and ethical than others the training in the credit card since my signing the... Old college student running this business with them fixed, the changed rates... Claimed he did not get a hold of him which takes care all! Customer base, complaints are inevitable just by asking want and enjoy.., $ 200 sucked from our account! ) will soon deplete our remaining resources, with a annual! Each and confidently recommend them been with this company and has an additional program that could of.

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