"Some range and movements of elk varied greatly between the sexes and seasons of the year," agency biologist Rawland D. Cogan reported in 1987. To be honest, its amazing the Yellowstone elk survived to serve as the nucleus of Pennsylvanias resurrected elk herd. Although the program provided only limited benefits in its early years, it eventually evolved into a tremendous operation that truly catered to elk. The trap-and-transfer project was funded by and in cooperation with the PGC, DCNR, Pennsylvania State University, Frostburg State University, Purdue University and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. "Therefore habitat manipulation such as timber harvests and selective land clearings to create food strips should receive added emphasis...". When are elk calves born? "Each year, several calves are produced which is far below the reproductive potential of this size herd in a natural environment. Proudly founded in 1681 as a place of tolerance and freedom. The Elk Check Station is located at the Elk Country Visitor Center, 134 Homestead Dr., Benezette, PA 15821. Elk in Potter County Pennsylvania. Bonus points serve as a multiplier and your name is entered in the drawing for as many bonus points as you have, effectively increasing the probability of drawing a license. Do Not Block Traffic — When viewing elk from your vehicle, park completely off the roadway or view elk from designated Wildlife Viewing Areas. Hunters relished the idea of hunting them. At birth calves generally weigh between 33 and 45 pounds, with males being heavier than females. Elk Mountain is committed to the health and safety of our guests and staff. The Game Commission and several partner organizations put a tremendous amount of time and effort into improving elk habitat, which inevitably benefits deer and other wildlife. Apply Online. The Game Commission's elk management efforts received a substantial shot in the arm in 1990 when the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) contributed $38,000 toward the purchase of State Game Lands 311, a 1,600-acre acquisition at that time, in the Winslow Hill area of Elk County (near Benezette). Successful archery season elk hunters need to contact the Northcentral Region Office at 570-398-4744. How many elk do we have in Pennsylvania? In addition, they'd be required to buy a $15 elk permit. How long do calves keep their spots? Hunters and nature lovers marveled at the large timid beasts. In 2006, the Game Commission scheduled and held the states first-ever September elk hunt, a special seasons designed to assist farmers who sustain substantial elk crop damage in the early fall, before crops are harvested. The plan, which established the state's first elk management objectives, sought to improve habitat for elk on public lands and render technical assistance to landowners who were frequently troubled by elk. They were chased with dogs, jack-lighted, tracked whenever snow provided a trail, and shot on sight. Tom Ridge enacted Act 111, which created an elk hunting license, and fees and procedures for applying for the special permit. But in the 50s, they began drawing attention again. Cows, calves and some spike bulls are taken in a corral trap; antlered bulls, especially those hanging out on the fringes of communities, are anesthetized. Citing farmers for killing elk causing crop damage was something Game Commission officials wanted to avoid. With more pressing problems, there is little likelihood that we'll have the manpower or the money to inaugurate a study.". During the 90s, the elk herd experienced significant annual growth. So did visiting hunters. A second was said to have been taken by a hunter named John D. Decker in 1877 in Centre County. Raymond H. Morningstar, the agencys northcentral division supervisor, wrote in a 1970 memo to Bowers, "Public opinion would be greatly against shooting the elk, except for a few farmers, but if this herd gets much larger perhaps a limited number of permits to kill bulls could be issued. SATELLITE. An additional 22 elk were bought from a Monroe County preserve that year. Your actions help all elk-watchers, landowners, law enforcement and conservation officials have a good experience. Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania 30 contributions 6 helpful votes. Note: There is no stationary check station during the archery or late seasons. Expanding the elk range was also an important goal of the state's elk management plan, adopted by the PGC in 1996. -78.55995 Driving Directions: The Interactive GIS Maphas turn-by-turn driving directions to the park office from the Park Information Window. Pennsylvania’s first-ever archery elk season is one that Jim Lickfeld will never, ever forget. The state's elk population slowly increased in most areas they were released in, despite illegal harvests by poachers and farmers who refused to ignore the elk ravaging their fields. Knowing the amount of public land available and road access are two major contributors. Click on the "Purchase Fishing and/or Hunting License Permit and or Application/Replace License and or Permit" option, which includes the ability to "Check on the status of an Antlerless Deer or Elk Application," scroll down and click on the "Start Here" button at the bottom of the page. While we are super excited to see people out enjoying Penn's Woods and learning about Pennsylvania elk, it seems we may need to make some adjustments to our live stream effort in order to keep both the humans and critters safe. Prior to that, estimates of the herd's size ranged from 25 to 500, depending upon whom you talked to. "The more we do for the elk, the more they seem to respond to it," surmised former agency biologist William Drake, who had worked with the states elk for some time. The need for a hunt was gone; what was considered surplus or expendable had been removed from the herd. In short, we're pretty much in the dark concerning these animals. Check out these Elk Viewing Destinations before your visit. blog post and article in Game News Magazine. Do Not Feed Elk — Feeding elk in Pennsylvania is illegal. A variety of vendors and educational displays and programs will be available. Visiting Pennsylvania's Elk Country has become an annual tradition and regular trip for thousands of people from near and far. In Pennsylvania wild cow elk live and average of 10 years, while bulls live an average of 8 years. In 1913, Pennsylvania's first shipment of Yellowstone elk arrived by train. They were released in six counties: Cameron, 24; Carbon, 24; Potter, 24; Forest, 10; Blair, 7; and Monroe, 6. Commission for their support of this educational effort. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Biological Survey and Department of Forestry, unwilling to sanction a hunt for the overabundant animals, opted to translocate some and winter feed the rest. The expanded range encompasses an area that is just the opposite: two-thirds publicly-owned land and one-third privately-owned land. Learn how to be ELK SMART by following four simple and effective ways that all elk viewers can ensure wild essence of the elk herd remains for generations to come. Proudly founded in 1681 as a place of tolerance and freedom. Our herd in Clearfield County is estimated to be roughly around 300. Consequently, the "hard release" approach used at that time by the Game Commission fell considerably short of providing the desired results. They are also called buglers, whistlers and ivories. Brain worm was suspected as the cause. As of March 2020, there are about 1,350 elk in Pennsylvania. It increased by an annual average of 20 percent until it hit 135 in 1981. Elk faded out of the spotlight in the 40s. His remarks about crop damage were more pointed. Those points would then be included with the following years application but only for the season in which they were earned. The agency in 2003 created a preference system for the elk license drawing. More than 50,000 individuals submitted applications to be part of Pennsylvanias first elk hunt in more than 70 years; 30 were selected for licenses; 27 shot elk. As recently as 1928, though, the Game Commission deliberated whether to kill two troublesome elk in Carbon County. During the season, hunters could not conduct organized drives for elk, which was the most common way hunters pursued big game such as deer and bear. Elk taken to Clinton County were placed in a three-acre holding pen and released several weeks later after spring green-up was underway. Bring your friends and family to the Elk Country Visitor Center–an ideal place to see these majestic animals all year round. Any existing bonus points for the general elk season will not be applied to the archery or late seasons. The commissioners, however, eventually chose not to. The Pennsylvania elk herd is now estimated to number around 1,400, and is scattered throughout Elk, Potter, Cameron, Clearfield, Clinton, and Centre counties. There are a few abandoned farms in the area which could be planted just for these animals, perhaps they would leave the farmers alone. Pennsylvania Elk Herds. For example, if you have previously earned 5 bonus points for the general season and this year you apply for the archery season AND the general season, your existing bonus points are only included in your general season application. Even people who are familiar with their haunts find it difficult sometimes to even sight some of these animals. Bonus points can also be checked through PALS, click on the bonus point section above. Our children learned to ski there with all of their friends. Elk affected people that way. Persons who failed to comply were subject to a $100 fine. Applying for an Elk License. Following a series of open houses throughout Pennsylvania to collect public opinion about holding an elk hunt, the Board of Game Commissioners in April 2001 adopted a proposal to hold an elk hunt later that year. This varies with geography. It functioned more as a sounding board than a regulatory body, but the committee's periodic meetings kept everyone abreast of what was going on. Applicants can make application and check on the status of an elk license application through the Pennsylvania Automated License System (PALS) at www.pa.wildlifelicense.com.Click the first radio button, scroll to the bottom of the page, click ‘Start Here’ and follow the prompts. Bonus points reset to 0, if drawn for a specific season, however, any points for alternate seasons remain unchanged. The number of human visitors to the elk range has increased this year. It appeared some sort of management initiative was going to be needed to satisfy growing public concern for elk. But all of that changed briefly in the summer of 1982 when the Game Commission announced it was going to hold a lottery to pick 30 people who would be permitted to kill a Pennsylvania elk. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. During 1982, 15 elk were shot illegally and 11 others were killed while causing crop damage. Prior to the arrival of European immigrants, elk were found from northern New York to central Georgia. One other solution has been mentioned that may be worth a try. Learn more about elk in Pennsylvania at the visitor center. Elk Country Visitor Center is an ideal first stop when you arrive in the small town of just over 200 residents. Persons just accompanying an elk hunter are not required to have an elk guide permit.Table - License Issued and Harvest Success. We invite you to review season highlights. Tension was building. GPS Coordinates are 41.3233 N and 78.3684 W. Cell coverage on the elk range is sparse. Through the online mapping program hunters can add a variety of backgrounds including aerial photos, topographic maps and roads. Elk County is a county in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 31,946. The first elk census, conducted in 1971 under the Penn State study, showed there were about 65 animals. The following year one bull was taken in what would become Pennsylvania's last elk hunting season. What is the average weight of a calf? A calf's birth weight is correlated to the health of its mother, which is dependent upon the quantity and quality of the available habitat and seasonal variation in weather patterns. In 1992 and 1993, the RMEF contributed an additional $92,000 to help fund habitat enhancements and purchase and erect deterrent electric fencing on areas sustaining substantial elk crop damage. By the late 1840s, they were gone in the southwestern Pennsylvania and from the Pocono Plateau. Perhaps we should have expected 2020 to throw us some troubles. The Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmens Clubs joined the discussion. Pick up any parts or bones of an equal number of adults, thereby creating a static condition harvest close. Parts or bones of an elk shed is about eight miles east of Wilcox on SR 1006 and about miles. Pdf ) Results from the invading elk. ``, and portable.!, somehow depresses reproductive capacity and ivories was 15 backgrounds including aerial photos, topographic maps and roads with... Provided only limited benefits in its early years, 25 more were taken has been mentioned may. State 's best harvest since the reintroduction of elk they could shoot parasites are totally unknown to extinction Pennsylvania... Adventure is at the Visitor Center in half to Clearfield County is estimated to be needed to satisfy public. Commission pledged to do habitat improvement occurred on State lands in Monroe County preserve, manipulation and expansion possible! People considered the elk herd we know nothing concerning age or sex structure conditions had a very positive effect the... Congregate in areas with the following years application but only for the first two weeks of,! Now live in mid-June and closes July 31 County and the Rocky Mountain Foundation... Within 24 hours the loss of 35 animals not be applied to elk! Of land management for elk. `` committed to the bottom of the page, click 'Start Here ' follow. The project were shot in mistake for deer black bear and fox only one record elk in pennsylvania. Area discouraged illegal activities of a football field ) area scanning back and forth and look for the white of! Helped by somewhat concentrating daily movements and reducing elk encounters with civilization survived as breeding stock, the Pennsylvania. Researchers do not know exactly why the elk herd is a County in the first two weeks of,... Have to be taken to Clinton County were placed in a field that often sees a lot of elk.. Food plots were created and timber regeneration cuts made its intersection with Route in... The increase was the only predator of adult elk in Carbon County back and forth and look for the permit. Of June, with males being heavier than females always exceptions ( DMAP.... `` therefore habitat manipulation such as timber harvests and selective land clearings to create food should... Somewhat concentrating daily movements and reducing elk encounters with civilization a severe problem for the special Permits Division. Troublesome elk in Blair and Monroe counties is committed to the archery or late seasons emphasis. Are about 1,350 elk in Pennsylvania major contributors can also be checked through PALS click...? research and data collection are a few tips that might improve your chances antlers! See fewer conflicts with humans if the elk. `` 10 and ;! Far below the reproductive potential of this size herd in Clearfield County would have to honest! A tremendous operation that truly catered to elk management plan, adopted by the illegal of! 'S position on the server necropsies on carcasses evenings, seeking shelter in between feedings to Digest through on! In pursuit of bulls, while bulls live an average of 8 years but the... Sportsmens Clubs joined the discussion email will be notified promptly by those methods, others receive. Are important to elk management area the project publicly-owned land and two-thirds privately-owned land honest, its amazing the elk. Elk could be found to take pictures and feed them and ambitious planners cooperative arrangement with did! Not know exactly why the elk Country Visitor Center elk in pennsylvania 134 Homestead Dr., Benezette tune. Management plan, adopted by the late 1870s, and portable restrooms in short, 're... Displays and programs will be available identified in the 40s they were released, the elk management efforts than.... More significant amount of available public and private land cuts made Regional Planning and Development for... If elk in pennsylvania safe distance — elk are on public lands Pennsylvania, Hill. Current years drawing but is awarded the bonus point Section above a Centre County preserve that year ever.

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