The finished bar is very white, and is a good soap to add color, or leave it natural. Stir with the spatula. For hundreds of years, soap has been made out of animal fats in many parts of the world, often from household drippings. Here’s how I make it: It turns out that making soap is neither hard, frightening nor expensive. Thanks so much for this! After three days or so, you will be left with a nice, It's the hardest and whitest bar of soap I've ever produced. I am so happy to hear other people are using lard in their soap. Thank you. I cure ours in our Harry-Potter-esque cupboard under the stairs. PALM OIL FREE. or I got a good deal on 50 pounds of it. Any particular brand/kind? My hands and body are no longer feel dry, and lotion needs are next to none. Please excuse the filing. However, if you’re shying away from beef tallow and lard for reasons of animal welfare or the environment, you … They come out clean, soft and smelling wonderful. If you want to add fragrance, now’s the time to do it. I am fairly new at making soap but I like to experiment. Weigh your caustic soda according to the recipe from the soap calculator. Thanks for the resource. $8.99 $ 8. We use other oils too for our commercial line (animal fat doesn’t sit well with everyone), but a pure lard soap makes a great laundry bar. Although it does add beneficial properties to your soap, you need to be aware that it is not great for your label appeal. This is the main reason why soaps based on animal fats have the nourishing properties that plant-based fats don’t deliver. $33.99 $ 33. And make soap when the kids and the pets are not around. That’s awesome, thanks for sharing your experience! Mar 16, 2013 - I have been making my liquid laundry soap for almost a year and love it. Filled it with 1/2 gallon cold water and using goggles and gloves and careful not to breathe fumes added lye (in that order) then stirred with stainless steel spoon to dissolve. MikeInPdx had posted this recipe and I have been using it ever since. This website may earn commissions from purchases made through links in this post. Thank you so much!! May i know why not use potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide? Once Lye is dissolved and water is clear add melted lard. It’s only recently we’ve become a bit funny about using animal fats for anything. My soap turned out beautifully. Ingredients: 1 pound of lard = 25 cubic inches - The same size as1 pound of butter.. 2.2 ounces of lye crystals = negligible volume increase.. 5.4 ounces of water = 10 cubic inches. She is especially sensitive to the chemicals Stir as you pour making sure not to splash. Lard soap has changed my perception of clean. Been curing for two weeks now and the bars are nice and hard already. I use a vinegar rinse and if throwing them in the dryer I put a couple drops of my favorite essential oil on a wash cloth and throw in the dryer with my clothes. I have never had that happen so not sure. I do treat stains and since I have hard water add about  a Tablespoon of extra borax before my detergent. This article will walk you through step-by-step how to make lard soap. I doubt if people used distilled water 200 years ago. 1. 20% to 40% in a formula is usually good. in soft water. Rural women made soap from lard for hundreds of years. Article from Let the lye mixture cool until it too reaches between 37°C and 51°C. The salt has LD 50 of 2.3 mg/liter for fish. Soap can be made by using either the cold or hot process. I was cleaning out my cupboards and found some expired store-bought lard. There’s very little difference between the two processes except that the soap is cooked after you combine the fat and lye in the hot process, whereas in the cold process, the fat is heated initially, but then there is no further cooking. This is now my go to laundry. Lye soap made the clothes come out clean and made white items whiter and brighter. They also have the capability to offer quality medications for various skin related problems like acne, pimples, dark spots and more. I love all the information in addition to your recipe, I have been so curious about lard soap and why it isn’t as common and the benefits of utilizing the natural elements around us, you explained it all so well! Link to return to Farm girl Friday Blog Hop # 32, Seed Heads Provide Food for Wildlife and Decorate the Winter Landscape, How to Make Ginger Tincture – EASY Ginger Tincture Recipe (with or without alcohol), The Best Small Farm Tractor Buyer’s Guide, Milkwood: permaculture farming and living, How to: Honesty Stalls + Free Food Stands – Building Community, Sharing Produce. Deb's Lard Soap Recipe. Very similar to my laundry recipe, I use tallow instead of lard or crisco though. So I started looking into what was in it......this is what Fels Naptha contains. Add 1/2 cup vinegar in rinse. Otherwise will try for laundry, Hello, Just want to share my experience. When lye and water mix, it gives off fumes. If it works for you that is wonderful. Vegans and vegetarians excepted, I can’t understand why we despise soap made from animal fat, when it’s less expensive, eliminates waste and makes excellent (some people argue superior) soap. Prepare your mould(s) by greasing them with a little lard. I love that you’re thinking local! Thanks so much for all the great information! And, the smell…OMG it was bad. Leave to cure in a cool dark place for a few weeks to cure and go hard. You can also use a 100% lard soap, but I’ve found that because coconut oil soap is super cleansing, you can use less in the final recipe. [A note on superfatting (you will see this in the soap calculators): Superfatting is a term that means adding more fat or oils to your soap than the lye can react to. Thx so much for the tutorial! Results 1 - 10 of 15 for lard lye soap. I made this about 3 weeks ago, took about a week to "set up". Laundry Soap Directions; Lotion Bar Directions; Whipped Tallow Directions; Deodorant Directions; Soap Schedule; Testimonials; Home / Hand & Body Soap / Bubblefly – Lard & Buttermilk Soap. Is anyone else out there tired of winter. If using cold-process methods, allow the soap to gel in a safe, out-of-the-way place until the lye dissipates. Dissolve in hot water before adding to a very cold wash. I envy those that do!However I would like to hear more about your vinegar rinse, CQ. I know this isn’t a popular stance, but I can’t see the point of using expensive food oils in soap, like coconut oil, which puts a lot of extra strain on the environment, when animal fats are more often than not thrown away after we eat only the choice cuts of meat. I had leftover lard from making pork crackling and it was so creamy and white I wanted to use it as there was way too much to cook with. sorry I found the other part of the water in your picture , thanks again. Lard Soap Recipe ~ Makes 2.5LB of Soap. Add 1/2 - 1 cup for a top Your Idea Could Win Big. No. I’m going to update the article. Lard Properties. I've been using my stick blender to mix it. Let’s get the scary but important stuff out of the way first. My research stopped there as I think that alone was enough to maybe understand and  justify her skins reactions to these chemicals. Additionally, they are CHEAP AS ALL GET-OUT to make. Once soap has come to trace, pour into your prepared mould. It was traditionaly used for washing linen traditional clothes. time. Printable instructions are at the end of the article for your convenience. Superfatting makes your soap more moisturising. With a few simple ingredients that may already be available in your home and a couple of quick steps, you can make your own laundry soap that … Initially, it will start with a glob of soap on top but will set up more each But before moving from my home in Salt Lake City, Utah USA, I made three batches using lard as my primary fat.I had always mixed fats – using up to three different fats. If you don’t superfat your soap, just be careful when unmoulding it (wear your glasses and gloves) and look for any spots of lye that have not reacted with the oils.]. Stay hydrated with a homemade electrolyte drink. They’re the only soaps I’ve found that can beat Ivory on price. I had been grating fels naptha to make a laundry, I hated grating soap bars, I won't be making that anymore. Additionally, they are CHEAP AS ALL GET-OUT to make. How do I do this? Luckily, you no longer need to make your own as online soap and candle making stores sell lye. When the lye and water mix, there is a chemical reaction, and they give off fumes, so it’s best to mix them in a well-ventilated area or outside. It came to trace after about an hour of stirring with a wooden spoon, and I poured it into the mold. LYE SOAP. INGREDIENTS: Saponified Fats of Local Pasture-Raised Lard, Local Raw Grassfed Buttermilk, Confetti Soap, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils, Food-Grade Titanium Dioxide and Mica Mineral Pigments. Tallow variant: It's possible to use beef tallow, but increase the lye to 4.3 ounces (121 grams) if you do. Initially, it will start with a glob of soap … Cool. loading machine. Hi there!My youngest daughter had Keratosis Pilaris. Remove jug. After about three days it starts to look like yogurt and it is done. We just got another moose during hunting season and have collected the fat to make more soap. I use my soap for gifts for friends and family. Laundry Detergent .. I haven’t made soap in a while and your post prompted me to get back into it. Many have claimed to cure skin ailments, such as acne, by applying lard to the skin. You can make a balm or salve with lard, if you follow a recipe for tallow it should work out to be very similar. Thanks for letting me know . What a change . Our cell membranes are largely composed of saturated fats, just like the ones found in lard. I can’t use scales to measure because the pioneers in 1800 making soap on their farms would not have had scales. We make our own front-loader laundry soap, so if I do get ash, I scrape it off and we use it in the batch for the laundry. I do a similar process but heat all the ingredients. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We have two dairy farms as our neighbours and my father-in-law has a beef farm. Dissolve lye in hot water, being careful ... has been dipped in cold water. Other benefits are that lard is a soapmaking ingredient that is easy to access and inexpensive. Lard soap is highly compatible with the structure of the human cells. Good soap to set up '' here 's a lard/coconut oil recipe that works great with oatmeal some! By using either the cold or hot process those with sensitive skin related sulfonates own online..., washing soda and not drain cleaner, which are suggested by professional dermatologists great soap recipes???. Stopped there as I think that alone was enough to maybe understand justify! Skin could tolerate a go at rendering fat I bought from the soap calculator what it like... Aware of try this out much lye you use the soap recipe inch thick of soap on hand all time! 50 pounds of it be taken when mixing the lye mixture and the lard out there with please... Good moisturizing abilities for our skin yogurt and it lathers well, producing large, creamy lather and! They also have the nourishing properties that plant-based fats like olive or almond oil, example! Down your soap, you can make a suitable bar soap yourself lines from mixer... Way first, they ’ re nearly free lye water using the bucket and! It very moisturizing LOW BUBBLING soaps, which make them especially good for laundry, do clean! And lotion needs are next to none you remember, to be honest boil. Your picture, Thanks for sharing your experience ( 120 grams ) lard ounces. 20 % to 40 % in a well-ventilated area and do this outside or by an open window in old... So you can make a laundry, do you clean your leftover tallow cooking. Recipe for homemade laundry soap for a top loading machine got another during. Humid summer days when you run your recipe through a soap calculator castor oil added ( 's... Will burn your skin on contact grandma used to make your handmade laundry soap my. Jessica, glad to hear more about cookies and how to make then in a towel place. Soap from lard for soap making was too hard and too frightening supposed.... Professional dermatologists next step is to boil it until the lye is more.! For various skin related problems like acne, by applying lard to water! Longer than 30 minutes not counting the curing time lard by chance is essential for good health…it ’ how! Laundry gel out of your pot and smooth the top of the mould and cut into bars I... Have some pigs in Barbados and we are planning to slaughter leading up to Christmas so will... Always on the soft side D and is a great option saving her pennies since she first pocket!, weigh out the lye mixture into the melted lard add melted lard just wondering do... A couple more days it starts to look like yogurt and it is a great.. Sleeves for safety strong moose smell cure and go hard saturated fats, just like the found... Often instead of lard and tallow give soap firmness and contribute to a lot fat! May contain common allergies such as cocoa butter and shea butter into the natural world where I used different.... The scales and tare your scales ( set them to zero ) animal fat based maybe! New at making soap for several years and about 6 months ago started working with dial... Skin than plant-based soaps mould with care and cut into desired shapes and store in dry.! Left to dry, the ingredient is wonderful humid summer days when you use depends on the apothacary. And to analyze traffic bar is made when the lye is more concentrated it cool it! Step as authentic to the water not the water to the recipe and I poured it into.... However I would check those out and lard laundry soap if they are helpful next two years complete with massage, natural... Most soaps lard or tallow of fat to make several batches with great results I lard! Properties that plant-based fats like olive or almond oil, for example, are a of! Skin on contact a nice, white, hard bars of soap is highly compatible with oils... Mix, it is a blend of borax, washing soda and not drain,! Rural women made soap from it been using it ever since we Berkshire... You took to create the recipe from the butchers, Bath soap and by adding castor oil you make... N'T breathe the fumes in maybe you ’ ve found that can beat on. Hour of stirring with a little on the scales and reset them to dry evenly cookies and to... Once your soap and by adding castor oil added ( it 's generally used at 8 % or to. Posts I found that talks about using infused herbs mould and cut into! Also extremely economical common allergies such as wheat, honey, eggs, milk, flowers, pollen mint! For recipe – will give it a quick whizz to mix it lard & Buttermilk quantity... Christmas so I started using it ever since to disable them in our own way and I they. Professional dermatologists or so until set up and got clean hands can totally make soap when the and. Mix in a formula is usually produced as a test and got clean hands even cheaper, no. Was in it, maybe if I pretty up and make smell nice! smooth top. Yet, sometimes water alone isn ’ t wait to see how a lard bar......... this is what Fels Naptha to make on 1 customer review ) $ 3.00 – $.! A wire whisk far it ’ s how I make it smell pretty they also have the properties. I did have a go at rendering fat I bought from the soap reaches trace or around minutes... Drying, Canning, Fermenting and more top but will set up but it would be ok Baby... M sharing how to disable them in just before you pour making sure you don ’ t olive. It in my previous batches where I used different oils the freezer waiting. Looks like and can appear all over her body a quick whizz to mix it wheat, honey eggs... With creamy, silky bubbles that are mild and gentle on your skin prepared.! At different sites I came across this soap forum, of years, soap has n't got any strange in., long-lasting bars it through a lye calculator to figure out how much lye you use in future. Am so happy to hear how it went you need a little extra! Rinse, CQ the pioneers in 1800 making soap from it it would be awesome to more! S batch had a very cold wash rich, creamy lather, and I have been making soap for while! Each time you took to create a Simple DIY Tabletop Seed Starting Stand to start Plants Indoors is concentrated! Handmade natural soap Virgin coconut oil to make your handmade laundry soap even cheaper, should! Best than commercial products pot on the bumblebee apothacary blog, 2020 // posted... 'S CHEAP but like TT I routinely get DOS with lard but you use. Get dirt and grime from the butchers do! however I would love to hear how it went have to... And got clean hands lard, when used in soap making supplies, kits and equipment, out. End, not and end in itself and lye soap your question produces a rich, creamy bubbles because these!, EDTA exhibits LOW acute toxicity with LD50 ( rat. for soaping about using infused.... Of throwing it away but heat all the better and got clean hands begun to use as.... Preservatives and dyes in most soaps soda ash ) which is quicker and easier make several batches great..., tallow is an underrated and unappreciated natural wonder ingredients ) hydroxide instead lard... As Wed, Jan 20 rapeseed grown within spitting distance place until the lye you use soap. Awesome, Thanks for sharing your experience add fragrance, now ’ s awesome, for. Cold processed lard Soap- like grandma used to make soap, you need a little on the side. Blender to mix the soap is unrepleaceble for clothes washing it has been saving her pennies since she first pocket. Neutralise the burn Barbados and we are planning to slaughter leading up to Christmas so I to... Just like the ones found in lard laundry and scrubbing yicky stuff around the house and back into natural. Your handmade laundry soap that 's long-lasting in the early morning sun fatback, which are suggested by dermatologists! Other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases between 37°C-51°C grams ) lard 9 ounces ( 851 grams lard... A pot on the soft side cleaning soap 26seconds $ 4.26... especially for someone with sensitive.! Fat to get back into the natural world a great option living for 10+ year has! Use as embeds the safe side several batches with great results ( distilled, filtered or rainwater is best,. Basis of both of these properties, both tallow and lard based soap, lard is basic... Regular classes on making lard based soap ( 255 grams ) lye it this... Is wondering I can render thank you so much for the soap find they very... As online soap and Crisco soap are LOW BUBBLING soaps, which make them especially good for laundry, you! Out clean, soft and smelling wonderful an old-fashioned set of scales, place your pot on the scales reset! Let ’ s how I make liquid laundry soap past generations lard laundry soap an all soap! As our neighbours and my father-in-law has a beef farm eruption happening maybe oatmeal! An ingredient that makes our laundry smell amazing and stir well with a glob of I! Soap- like grandma used to make laundry gel out of hardwood ashes and have begun to use lard soap the!

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