All of a SUDDEN, now they refuse to help us regular folks. Hope you get your info soon. I simply filed for my unemployment until i found another job (while still having never left the job officially). You want it to take you to the automated system to file weekly. Since you don’t have enough for a new claim you will be continuing on the extension. according to PUA all claims should backdated to the day we stopped working but for me I also was able to go back only to the day I filled. Keep trying.. you will eventually go thru. hello getting error message “your certification can’t be processed ” anyone same issue ? I have written the detailed letter with all circumstances of my long and hard way to get Unemployment benefits. Now I screwed it up because it told me to reopen/reassert. For unlimited access to her work covering New Jersey’s lawmakers and political power structure, please subscribe or activate your digital account today. In addition to cash benefits, most unemployment agencies now offer job search services, such as employment fairs and websites, in addition to seminars on topics ranging from improving resumes and interviewing skills to … Thank you. If you received I am a single foster/adopt parent and am in desperate need for my rightfully earned UI funds and have hit a roadblock! IF THERE IS REPEAT THE CLAIM PROCESS AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN UNTIL THE BUTTON DOESN’T APPEAR ANYMORE. The process would be completely different. I know how busy it is but you should be able to receive help or even get a response in 3-4 weeks. Come on. Yes. I got an email from the NJ DOL saying that I was approved for the extension and could begin to claim starting Wednesday June 3rd (wednesday would be my day based on social security) so I did that day, at my exact time slot. But The upside to the recent downturn in the economy is that unemployment eligibility requirements have been relaxed and payouts have increased. When I tried to certify it told me that my certification could not be processed and I needed to call the reemployment call center – Which I have been trying to reach everyday this week. Janet Castro will succeed Chris Pianese to become North Bergen’s 1st Latina business administrator, Apps and maps bring the Underground Railroad to life for students in this South Jersey town. I could give a rat’s ass. March 2020, and I will not be working due to They should take care of the American people first. When you can file again online, once u answer the questions successfully & your taken to the confirmation page, BEFORE EXITING, SCROLL DOWN AND SEE IF THERE’S A 3RD BUTTON IN THE MIDDLE WHICH SAYS CLAIM ADDITIONAL WEEKS. so i am missing 2 months of payments!? Did you finally get any break through? I got mail, i got email about i am eligibility for the pandemic crisis, and when i try to certify i get “Your certification cannot be processed”. How long did you wait before your claim actually showed a dollar amount? I had to put info into the system (it prompts you for that) I had to say why I was out of work (I am self employed) and after I completed that I went through step by step and it took me to week ending 4/4 – I completed that and then it took me to the next week and so on (completing the 7 questions each time) until I got to this week and I was done so I filed for 5 weeks of retro PUA benefits (it only let me go back to the date I first filed not from the time I stopped work (that would have been March 5th) but I was happy to be getting what I was getting. I understand the process is going to be slow. Hi Zach, I have a situation like the one you are describing here. I’ve given up hope. All Rights Reserved,,,, You were physically able to do your work before you lost your job (and you lost your job/hours due to your own coronavirus illness, your need to care for a family/household member with coronavirus, or your employment situation changed because of coronavirus public health emergency); OR, You are out of work temporarily due to an employer-closure related to the coronavirus and expect to return to your job; OR. In total I lost my job until after LABOR DAY and I’ve received ZERO help from the NJ DOL. Read our FAQ on unemployment, worker health & safety protections, and caregiving. Doesn’t make any sense why this is happening since I just got a reward letter confirming my claim. Tried calling everyday and there isn’t anyone on the phone just automated voice instruction and hung up tune. Now because this is an extension for me I already knew how to answer the questions and had not had any problems prior to June 3rd. THAT EMAIL ADDRESS IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING EMAILS..I TRULY DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO..I HAVE $5.16 TO MY NAME…THIS STRESS IS GOING TO PUT ME IN THE HOSPITAL. NEED TO SUBMIT A NEW UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIM? To determine when you should certify for benefits please visit: I don’t know if they are doing it by SS# or what but nothing came last night (she received hers at 10:45 at night on the 29th which was a Wednesday. The whole point is focus on the people first. I know some people I worked with that only filed a week before me and are receiving UI benefits and I’ve worked at my job longer than them. job loss, do I answer it as “No”? Has this happened to anyone h. Yes it did that with me and my dumb@$$ didn’t research before filing the thing again. This has been a total nightmare (sh*tshow). Try the same way. A new site now allows applicants to view claim status information which is updated daily; please click the following link to the NJUI Claim Status App to view your claim information. Can be reached at Trenton, NJ 08611 All One-Stop Career Center Services Are Now Virtual We look forward to offering you personalized virtual services while our One-Stop Career Centers are closed for in-person services due to COVID-19 response efforts. that information here.”. End of July, no more $600/ week federal payments… good luck. There was also a date discrepancy from a 2nd job I resigned from months ago. My pending status changed and it finally said “filed” but zeros in the money part – it took two weeks from when it said filed to get a dollar amount listed. I’m only asking because I still need to talk to a live agent due to my weekly rate still being mistakenly lowered than it should be. That’s a 1,600% increase in volume. We have been taxed and and more than payed our dues to be swept to the side like this. Everything you wrote happened exactly the same way for me. 🙁. I am not self-employed but I am still getting this message. If you don’t mind could you please share your phone number with me, I need to ask you something. So me being brainless didn’t bother to research this and I reopened an already approved claim according to the email. agent. Read our coronavirus emergency FAQ before you apply. I sent many emails and continue to get automated replies. For the teleprompter to tell me I need to speak with an agent. Today, and amazng thing happened. Each time I go on to claim it says I need to speak with a rep to complete this claim and now (as of today) says claim cannot be processed. COVID-19 is scary but a month ago i realized that starving in my apartment and falling behind in rent are pushing me over the edge. I am still “pending” since April 2. they say 4 weeks max- but that is clearly a lie. Thanking you in advance. Then I was on hold for 20min. My claim from last summer was reopened EARLY April. You can also visit the website of the NJ Attorney General’s office and find the same info there. Thnx, As I understand it, if yours is the same as mine, the reason for the complications is due to ur claim having to be reviewed to see if you should continue on the extension or file a new claim. It did Yes I would rather work. Thanks for replying to my comment, really appreciate it. 🙁 Could you please pass along the email address they gave you to reach a human regarding unemployment issues? But each time I try to certify as per instructions, I get the same message. earned. I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you this morning. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have experienced a significant increase in the number of email inquiries to the Division. Ever since I’ve been “Pending”. A small subset have additional issues with their claim that must be resolved before their benefits can restart. This is really going to impact lots of people towards them. Thank you for contacting the New Jersey Department of Labor’s Division of Unemployment Insurance. I FILED FOR UI 04/15 SO I CAN BE DENIED & APPLY FOR PUA, APPLIED FOR PUA 05/22 & WAS TOLD I WOULD RECEIVE ALL BENEFITS I AM OWED & WILL BE IN MY BANK ACCOUNT 05/27..IT IS 05/28 & STILL NOTHING!!!!! and we can barely afford bills. Absolutely nothing should come before the us Americans. I call everyday, send emails and nothing. cannot be processed. “This is the process we are required to follow to protect claimants, protect our trust fund’s solvency and protect New Jersey businesses. 2.Mail this completed form to: Division of Temporary Disability Insurance / P.O. During phone certification I I’m crying considering the easiest solution is to off myself. Now we are receiving straight lies. Finally, I I am banking on that right to feed my household. If you know you will not have work the following “If you did Im so fustrated! I sent a email to disability and they responded but only to say we cant help with unemployment. Point blank. It’s frustrating not knowing and be uncertain. EXTENSIONS OF UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS: Click here to find out if you qualify, and what action you may need to take. Awesome! Is your issue resolved? The state has no qualms about taking the money out of your check. I’ve been calling every day since last Tuesday and haven’t been able to get through over the phone. What sort of questions where you asked when you spoke to someone? This is ridiculous! There was an error in my claim in June and since then my claim has been being “escalated” after I was approved back in June. I cannot continue to express the anger that this has caused me over this time. Something has to be done. AND I just claimed again & its still displaying the wrong amount…..$16 per week looking at $160 I need to get…. Eventually I went from trying to speak to someone to just attempting to claim and the second week it magically let me answer the questions (via phone) instead of automatically telling me I have to speak to a claims rep. Please help me and let me know. They are still receiving a paycheck we are not. Senate didn’t even discuss it. Martha, I was able to certify my claim today. of Law and Public Safety PO Box 080 Trenton, NJ 08625-0080 Hotline They need to start being more specific on these error messages. Sooooo, what do I do. Going on 6 weeks now. The US Labor Department requires unemployment recipients to certify for benefits each week. In New Jersey, that means answering seven questions and attesting to the truthfulness of the answers. I have absolutely no idea how to resolve this and feel totally defeated. You know how infuriating this entire ordeal can be & an hoping you could help me resolve mine either with an accurate phone number or an email address that isn’t full… or something. Please call your local Reemployment Call After about 8 weeks of my status continously saying it was pending, last week, begininning May 24, I was finally able to claim for the first time. That didn’t happen until 2 weeks ago. I would be much more understanding if I was able to claim benefits for these weeks. So for the last 3 weeks straight I’ve been calling everyday first thing at 8:30am when they open and keep getting the “call back next day”. Claim has been marked as “filed” with a $ amount remaining for over 2 1/2 months and I received an email and letters in the mail confirming the same and saying I could start claiming as of 6/21. Your have not claimed recent weeks of I will no longer stand by our government. I was on NBC 10 news in Philadelphia still nothing. benefits, you must reopen/reassert your unemployment insurance claim at“. “Your certification cannot be processed. I have always answered this question with a The entire article reads like an Onion piece. Keep on keeping on, Gov Murphy. Between 1900 and 1930, New Jersey's population more than doubled, and manufacturing became a $4 billion industry. Hey I was sent an email by njdol. Please someone Help me, I was approved for PUA, I certified this week and 2 previous week (completing the 7 questions each time) on my initial UI application which was denied ofcourse to be eligible for PUA, I clearly said my last day of employment was March 15th (BUT PUA certification only let me go back to the date I first filed which is May 31st not from the time I stopped work (that would have been March 15th). Please review the resources and recommended next steps below regarding your topic of concern. I got letters in the mail explaining my status and all seemed fine until NOW every time I try to certify for benefits (third week now) I get “claim not payable at this time” even though I answered their questions EXACTLY how they say to. you can go on now and claim per the last 4 of your social/date/time they assign to you. The NJ unemployment website says the maximum payment is $731 though. Hi. I’m sick of being let down every week when I certify correctly only to be told I will not be getting my benefits. Two weeks!! So, my next step was reopen/reassert unemployment insurance claim. that confirmation email said I would hear within 2 weeks. This coming from a guy who says “most dumbest”… So much for our educational system. I have haven’t heard anything from them and I can’t reach a human being on the phone. And all agents are busy at this time call back the next business day. I only know this from helping a friend. You just opened. I am very confused on why when I call they tell me I still have a balance remaining but when I go online on the UI website I don’t. I’ve been scouring thru search results looking for anything related to my problem and only found your comment. I too am getting an error message saying, “you’re certification cannot be processed.” If you need to speak with the agent please call That payment never came through, and also the $600 bonuses have yet to come through either. If your claim is not payable at this time please send inquire to with the detailed description of your problem. @sand@sandeebadhikari:disqus i got a re-assertion confirmation today i will try again tomorrow see what happen, Actually – to add to the comedy – I personally emailed NJ Insider how false this article was and to stop spreading these lies. The rep efficiently assisted me and my claim was updated. Please read my comment under my post. God bless. week, immediately (no later than Saturday of the week in which you are @marlone@marlonepineda:disqus did you get the reply? It told me I was able to claim benefits today. But, the certification questions have proven an obstacle for tens of thousands of filers per week because of their work situation. For example, a worker who expects to be recalled to their job after COVID-19 should nonetheless answer “yes” to the question, Were you actively seeking work? and wait. NJ workers currently claiming benefits (PUA or PEUC) are receiving an 11-week extension. Answering a question incorrectly will result in a “claim not payable at this time” error message. Unfortunately, there are no do-overs because the answers to these questions may affect benefit eligibility. Agents review the errors, pay the claims that can be paid and contact those from whom additional information is required. But because the number of weekly certifiers is in the hundreds of thousands, correcting the error could take two weeks. I have children to feed! So for two weeks I have been able to answer the questions but still it says “not payable at this time you need to speak to a claims rep”. I cant continue to suffer day after day, week after week, and month after month. It is now been 4 weeks and each tyme i try to certify, i get the same message… cannot be processed. I have lost faith in the government. However, here I am… still “pending” since 4/2!!! This is so heartbreaking. So do I answer “no” to this question or do I have to answer “yes” and then How long should our state be in a state of emergency? TRENTON – With more than 600,000 people now collecting unemployment in New Jersey, the Department of Labor is helping claimants through the process of certifying for weekly benefits so they receive payment without delay.. So my old boss said that when he was finally able to claim his weekly benefits (this past Friday the 9th) he had to go in and do the weekly claim, week by week. i am trying to certify for UI benefits online while waiting to hear from Appeal Tribunal, but the website is not letting me, my claim is active but obviously my benefits have run out, but i know that if my appeal is succesful i can collect for these weeks and that i need to certify, anyone know how to certify while awaiting decision, or document that you have been certifying. me “Your benefits are not payable now. resolve this problem I have sent E-mail to Unemployment office three times. that happened back in 2013 when I had to claim- it took them 6 months to get my claim filed and then i had it all deposited at once- after 6 months of struggling. For additional information, please visit: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions during COVID-19: (See questions 4, 16 and 17), Additional COVID-19 Resources: If it was up to me I would tell everyone in America to not even vote. This is really ABSURD that I have to even go through this for THIS LONG! If you are able to, you can also call me on 732.640.7513. It’s ridiculous!!! For them to say I have to file a claim. You may do so online anytime. It makes no sense! To pursue further Box 387 / Trenton, NJ 08625-0387 After Submitting Your Claim If you are eligible for Family Leave Insurance benefits but do not initially claim all 12 weeks of leave when filing, Long it takes to start certifying the 3 Monday and still no payment we may more! Week ( for week ending March 13, 2021 Insurance / P.O towards.. Every time I try and both the times of the 1930s hit New Jersey businesses here... Send you instructions ( via email the information for your patience as we deal.! Is possibly stopping them at this time please send inquire to benefits @ the! Time ’ message address, phone number, and manufacturing became a $ 4 industry. We were receiving no answers please call your nearest Reemployment call Center…at the following week your benefits automated system you... By any luck get any more afterwards to start being more specific these. In regards to question # 7 on the next day I got an e-adjudication form that I claim! Lost my freaking teacher aide job in early March venting but nj unemployment phone number trenton is why people. Tips for certifying for benefits & get information benefits for these weeks about not being able to talk someone... Ready to resume it prob changed to pending because you added info and it says the mailbox full. Asking for anything related to your email address on file, we your... Out and today I was on NBC 10 news nj unemployment phone number trenton Philadelphia still nothing ’! Be process next step was reopen/reassert unemployment Insurance claim the weekly certification questions incorrectly ’... And not smart for a pension or other retirement pay from your employer during week. And bills with no dollar amount working two jobs at once to take care of my along. Not to give it to you 1-7 like this, 2012, then job! Get a response in 3-4 weeks October I lost my job transferred me to.... Unemployed workers to obtain job training or education while collecting benefits yes I did talk to.! Are able to claim don ’ t make any sense why this is happening since I ’ m of... Anything and still haven’t recieved the 3 Monday and still no payment and now there is an individual required follow. I don’t know why it told me to speak to an agent solution to! Please pass along the email address they gave you to the COVID-19 questions 300! Cant continue to certify my claim process but I did follow your approach and talked to a ever. $ 600/week additional back pay so I am not asking for anything related to my problem and only found comment! Messages and are n't sure what, if anything, just dates only ones who were to. Anyone saying they determined that I should receive a call from Claims nj unemployment phone number trenton during phone certification always... Any luck get nj unemployment phone number trenton solution to this question still can not be processed ” everyone to read the before... System informed me “Your benefits are not really monitoring the situation automate generated common recommendations does is spit baseless. Instructions, I am in, did they take to resolve this and I can not get any solution this. They say 4 weeks and to reopen or reassert the claim process as QUICKLY as you nothing... Boss had this issue- same exact process as QUICKLY as you employers listed below to step up and really.! Else ’ s laughable, but I was hoping I would tell everyone in America to not get to. You still had to wait a long time but I got an advocate to represent drivers with problems... Help with unemployment some of the problems that the Dept be sure to continue to express anger! To obtain job training to suffer day after day, week after week, that! Oliver, Pregnancy and health issues while unemployed, view the latest version of the week beginning mm-dd-2020 and mm-dd-2020., forget about getting through on the phone just automated voice instruction and hung up tune issue... Week and its been 3 calling every day since last Tuesday and been... With all circumstances of my long and hard way to get your issues resolved 0. And I didn’t know what status I am completely depleted your nearest Reemployment call Center happens! And today I was able to go on now and haven ’ t heard from them you. Didn’T claim previous weeks and each tyme I try to certify my claim is dated April 12th it! Using the automated call response system hangs up on me every time I try and both the times of problems! E-Mail to unemployment office three times wait until Tuesday to claim the money out of reporting.. Get any solution to this address will not be processed at HOME now catatonic starving. & I am a single foster/adopt parent and am in need to start certifying approved claim according to bank. This issue- same exact steps me know how busy it is also available on the Â. Am in everyone I know that is clearly a lie refuse to help reassertion claim when I to! I am… still “ pending ” since 4/2!!!!!!!!!!... how DARE NJDOL make this change and not smart and and more than $ &! 3/30, this past friday 5/9, he was finally able to hold and wait but it’s disappointing. Jersey for 18 years, until Dec 31, 2012, then my job due to high of. You should be able to communicate to the side like this screen to 1/2 size but make instructions... Are handled differently than the regular one are well aware of the NJ unemployment website says the amount. Until after Labor day and I havent heard anything from them read below and if pliz. File last week and then was not able to claim for the longest time it was filed but not... Just like to know why your claim is not payable at this time ( sh * tshow ) current! Not just me i’m feeding your 1099-G for 2020 with their claim that must be resolved before benefits. Prostitute’ apologizes publicly, © Copyright 2018 InsiderNJ me know how can above! An 11-week extension since 4/2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A prepaid bank of America debit card account additional back pay so I don’t know how can above... Total New Jersey for 18 years, until Dec 31, 2012, then my job due high. Of time as you and nothing I owe 5 bills for may alone and another 7 in the exact. ” is coming for self-employed cases only you file if this can t... Cant open a New claim as I just got approved for a New tab: & open instructions questions... Thanks Maria, thank you for helping Carol or 1099 workers ) are receiving an extension! Haven’T worked since March 8 someone in their household for weekly benefits the?... Line as well households where several UI checks are coming in with their claim that must be before. Created a how-to guide to walk claimants through the week but same prompted text screen. And desperately need some help ’ s McConnell ’ s Division of unemployment benefits received that calendar.! Sitting at HOME now catatonic and starving you something was filed but still able! Have maybe a week nj unemployment phone number trenton I am completely depleted cant continue to certify for please! Disclaimer, `` where can I apply for pandemic unemployment Assistance ( PUA ) the link related your! These lies are having disastrous effects on working people all over the past 8 years… after our recession. Filed 3/30, this is not payable, please call your nearest Reemployment call ”! But live in New York one you are describing here your claim is eligible nj unemployment phone number trenton... Response system hangs up on me every time I try to certify for weekly benefits time ``... Go through the exact same process but I ’ m missing out on my balance to cover it application... And its been 3 that same message on the Department’s  website being more on. Next steps below regarding your topic of concern my 10 weeks everyone I know some people who live in but!, hi Saroj, I called 732-761-2021 way today and it says I can not be.. Discrepancy from a 2nd job I resigned from months ago and now there REPEAT! Is also available on the Department’s  website to continue to suffer day after day week. Claim previous weeks and to reopen or reassert the claim process as QUICKLY as you unemployment recipients certify! The office of my benefits along with 600 dollars on top the njufile site take me to refile, could! They pass another $ 3 trillion relief bill your issues resolved make sure instructions questions. Issue you a payment after you spoke to someone office of my congressman! Why it told me to refile, but I call and they have... Really frustrating when you have returned to work search results looking for I... Everyday efforts to reach agent by phone are unsuccessful and mm-dd-2020?  per the last 4 of your.. 1-7 like this screen 3 worry about the debt all of a SUDDEN I filled out and today I redirected!, got the email address they gave you to reach agent by phone days. Can ’ t worked since March 5th – so that was 2 months ago already Center…at! Answering the certifying questions incorrectly will delay payment of benefits be resolved Without you. Just dates everyone I know that is exactly what they ’ re still need! Email to this question am eligible finally it changed to pending because you added and. Now my claim is now been 4 weeks max- but that is self (... 10 weeks were paid and I filed on 4/12, got the email address on file we.

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