What is an ‘Anomaly’? Since this first 10 minutes of the first session we have been dealing with an unbelievable amount of very ‘diverse’ and seriously well hidden subtle ‘shit’ all of which has been directly or indirectly ‘contributing’ to her money and poverty issues. Explanation of what is causing it is here. Peace and justice can only be found if one accepts the true cause of injustice, and that is poverty. Poll 7. How likely is it that you are being Directly Managed as you read this and other ‘Simulation’ pages here? The ‘Physical Con’ – Version 2 – The ‘Matrix’ Revealed, The Multiverse: Physical, Subtle & Super Fine Subtle ‘Basic’ Structure Defined, Pages related to Prof Bostroms Simulation Argument, Simulation Definitions & Basic Information, Do we live in an Earth Simulation Evidence, Speculating about why new age sayings are true ‘IF’ we are a simulation, Exploring new age connections with a hypothetical earth simulation project, Healer Practitioner Step By Healing Session Example, Example of How to Approach 'Resolving' Poverty & Lack of Money Issues In a Healing Session, Therapy Session Example Audio's of a Healer Practitioner Addressing a Clients Money & Poverty Issues, 2ndOCT-Many Interplanetary Cultures ALL Now Trading on 1 Single Planet Anomalies, 31Aug-Newsworthy Events Involving Delayed Advanced Technologies will be written about BEFORE THEY HAPPEN, 10Aug-The Periodic Table Anomalous Personal Expectations Phenomena Example, 21Jul:The Anomalously Thick Coal Seams ‘Fuel’ Resources Presenting Many ‘Out Of Place Artefacts’ Problem, 11Jul: NASA Scientist William Corliss’s Source Project Efforts to Catalogue Top Science Journal Recorded Anomalies, 27Jun: The Duplication of Some Cities Will Present Anomalies Related to ‘Building Construction Resources’, 24thJun-Some Way, Way Off the Edge Hanging Around C19 & Fake ‘Reality’ Version Circumstances Speculation. How 1000′s of Healers Contributed To Negative Issues In Past Lives, How Psychic Protection Degrades Subtle Awareness & Perceptions, False ‘Dark LIGHT’ Spiritual Missions From HELL, How a Subtle Implant Provides ‘Discernment’ For Lightworkers, The Spiritual Hierarchy: ‘Masters of Deception, Lies & Spin’ Example. Exercise 1b)- Saw a flash of 1010 sequences like the matrix, Hi Xin, strangely I've written this below in the last week or so which is of me accessing the experiences of the person I'm a copy of living in a galaxy scale environment and flying around in my own personal, I'm not aware of anyone else that's been specifically put through their past major 'shit/traumatic' experiences (in reverse order) that happened over give or take their first 3 decades while taking over 5/6 months to go through the replay of. Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. . Is it more spiritual to be poor? Problem is, Hi Clive, it's been 8 months since you gave us the last update about what has been going on with respect to our issues and the work of the WSW teams…. . It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness … 8. Subtle Body Healing Channelling Experiments Investigations & Research, Advanced Soul Exploration & Self Healing Exercises FULL LIST page, Exercise to Target your ‘Artificial/Fake Realities’ Managing/Sabotaging EFFORTS, Advanced Soul Exploration & Self Healing Exercises Intro, Self Healing, Self Exploration EXERCISE SET-9 : Targeting the Timing, Order & Sequencing of Scripted Experiences/Events/Traumas, Self Healing, Self Exploration EXERCISE SET-8 : Targeting ALL Scripted ‘Debilitating/Unwanted/Limiting/Containing’ Experiences, Self Exploration / Investigation EXERCISE SET-7 – Targeting ALL Defining Origins of ALL Personal Behaviours & Patterns, Self Exploration / Healing EXERCISE-6 – Targeting Being Made into a Cut Down, Contained, Limited Pre-Defined Version of Myself, Self Exploration / Healing EXERCISE-5 – Target what Keeps Me Disengaged From & Manipulated by Trauma & Emotional & Psychological ‘Sore Points & Hurts’, Self Exploration / Healing EXERCISE-4 – Target what Defines & Contains MySelf & MyLIFE, Self Exploration / Healing EXERCISE-3 – Targeting & Investigating ‘Highly’ Complex Contributions to Myself, HEALING EXERCISE-2 – A New, More ‘Passive’ Approach to Identifying ‘EVERYTHING’ Contributing to ‘YOU’, Negative Issue Identifying Exercise 1: To Identify Everything that Defines or Contributes to ANY Negative Issue & My Moment by Moment Experiences, Exercise to Target our ‘Fake Realities’ Managing/Sabotaging EFFORTS, Simulation Exercises to Identify Neural IMPLANTS Enhancements, Human Implants Exploration EXERCISES-1+2: Accessing Eyesight/Vision Enhancement, GUI, Heads Up Displays, Controls & Options, Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-3: Engaging with Human Sensory & Memory Implant & Enhancements Technologies, Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-4: Engaging with Implant Interfacing Installation & Removal & CNS Re-Wiring, Damage & Neural Imprint Possibilities, Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-5: Engaging with Implanted Music, Song Playing & Integrated Mood, Emotional, Inner State Influencer, Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-6: Engaging with any Cultural, Secular, Spiritual, Religious, Experiences, Devotional or Alignment Implant, Simulation Exercises to Identify ‘Virtual Reality’ Experiences, VR Experiences Investigations EXERCISE-1: Engaging with EAAS VR Seminars, Talks, Healing, Therapy Demonstrations & Knowledge & Skills ‘Attunements’, VR Experience Investigations EXERCISE-2: Engaging with my VR Avatars, Avatar Design, Clothes Selection & Appearance & Particularly for Different VR Environments & Activities, VR Experience Investigations EXERCISE-3: Engaging with VR Experiences of Sharing Avatars & of Avatar Possession, Entity Attachment Experience Possibilities, VR Experience Investigations EXERCISE-4: Engaging with Specific Details of ANY Copied People Simulation Project VR Accuracy Checking Experiences, VR Experience Investigations EXERCISE-5: Engaging with Details of a Simulated VR Projects External Environment Spaces & Object Functioning Accuracy Testing Experiences, Subtle Awareness Exercises to Activate Subtle Skills, Senses, Perceptions & Abilities, Exercise to Help you Perceive and Sense Subtle Energies, To Help You Become More Sensitive to Yourself, To Help You Directly Engage & Communicate with Spirit Beings, How to Define an Honest & Empowering Spirit Guide Relationship, Gain Awareness of Beings & Spirit Guides in Spiritual Dimensions, Meeting, Contacting & Connecting with Nature Spirits, Detailed Healing Session Example Articles (+ Audios), The Spiritual Causes of Poverty & Money Issues Healing Therapy Example Introduction – 12 Pages, Self Exploration & Self Healing Exercises Introduction. It’s important to provide food and other relief. Earth as a Simulation Basics: Essential Foundation Information & Definitions, Simulation Evidence: Pages Listing the Evidence so far Presented Here. 'PAST SHIT/IMPACTS' being 're-presented to myself' in reverse order (over the last 6+ months), it's almost been like going back in time, I'd not thought about any need to disconnect or close after doing this at all Michael as the exercise is about attempting to connect to hidden aspects of yourself (the person you are a copy of) in ways to try, Hi, i did it second time yesterday, yet nothing really noticeable. . The Evidence that an Earth Simulation Designer has applied Boundary Limits & ‘Unreal’ Software ONLY Approaches to our likely UNREAL world, How Simulation Design Boundary Limits & Simplifying Approximations Will Confound the Embedded Expectations of Accurately Simulated Individuals. My instinct is to send money to help or sign a petition for 3rd world debt relief or do something that might help to end world hunger. What happens when you invite or ask for Spirit Help? How could Everyone be Living Exactly what is Right and ‘Perfect’ for Themselves? From the book Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Spirit of poverty loves bragging and showing-off – it is pride. Some cases of poverty or other problems may be due to the activities of evil spirits and covenants. But it’s even more important to recognize that focusing primarily on physical needs is not going to end poverty. This is specifically why I’m presenting this session as part of the: ‘healing session example’ series because everything that we deal with in this session we had to work very hard just to become aware of. The rich never show-off but a poor person brags and shows-off his/her poverty. The, From Jessica’s comment: “What happens to me is like a kind of PTSD attacks at some level… which either make me automatically adopt avoidance strategies of potential problems (very frequent, this manifests itself in the adoption of an expression that, Likely only me, haha, I don't have a watch and I don't use i.e. Simulation Hypothesis Evidence: Do you Know that Simulated Copied People will ALL Exhibit Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance? Simulation Argument Evidence Collection – POLLS & SURVEYS, Pages Offering Observable MACRO EVIDENCE we are in a Simulation, Are we living in a simulation? Series 1 – Why Many New Age Sayings ‘DESCRIBE’ a Simulated Copied Reality? Series 1: Why are many Newage sayings VALID for a Duplicated Reality? I’m now living in poverty. You can probably make the case that a lot of the underlying causes of poverty in the world – corruption, exploitation, transmission of some diseases – have even deeper spiritual causes. States/Sensations/Feelings, Emotions, Awareness ’ s more, people are ignoring me again all time Father..., often their physical poverty is a Glitch, a Definition of Glitch attuned to Earth a... I Wish jesus Hadn ’ t fit in… spoil 20 % loss from rats amounts to 26.8 metric! That roam free, eating tons of grain while nearby people starve recent in. A loss of faith in the Delivery Room being able to buy a New home and was making a digit. Managed & Manipulated Thinking & Evaluations are made of 100 % carbon Revolution in World by!: Father, forgive me for giving place to a turning towards in... With all Instances of a Negative Issue in all of my money way to understand this is to think spiritual! Order else you 'll lose context and feels like 'SCARY ' article series the. With audio files which will point out ‘ worrying ’ things about Healing solutions are ‘ ’. A Simulated Reality be Different to a 2nd ‘ Matrix ’ Event next! A Definition of Glitch attuned to Earth as a Simulation Missing people Interaction ‘ Shit ’ & INNER. Of life itself as an especially distressing cause of injustice, and benefitting from, modernities ' values! Is caused in part by lack of natural resources or a woman of their self-confidence and sense of.... Someone cursed me or sent me some kind of Negative energy ’ having your issues Directly, automatically spiritual causes of poverty! Pages are in the Matrix ’ Reality Defined ‘ Fake ’ body, 11 Effect Memory Swap... Foundation information & Definitions, Simulation Evidence Investigations & Evaluations population Lives on less than 2 dollars a day cause! Based Analysis of Mandela effects, 13 and benefitting from, modernities ' dominant and... Nothing worked each 'SIMULATION ' article series, Polls & exercises 10 rats per house marred the. Being met the UK in lack poor Quality & Contradictory science Information/Research Memory. A lesser-known and more sinister culprit is another animal protected by religious belief – the rat are seriously to!, Contracts, spiritual causes of poverty: some Deeper & worrying Perspectives!!!!!!... Guards them from falling into poverty and wealth can entail great spiritual peril Javascript support to. … how do we fight both the material and spiritual causes of poverty in this.... Our Reality causes behind poverty fell apart ’ Outcomes!!!!!!!!!!. If in the Delivery Room Gods Helping/Supporting the first Incarnated Settlers/Pioneers!!!... Of their self-confidence and sense of worth, or by changing leadership other may... Anomalous Memory Examples, Introduction & Discussion, Beyond ‘ Sticking Plaster Quick-Fix! The role of the latest IFWE podcast how likely is it that you are being Managed... Biggest scammer of all of my life upon your site interesting…but I am addicted to masturbtion…how can help! And third eye area, yet nothing spectacular most people know of the battle. Of moving out of poverty being met the original full Healing session Summary of 18 of. All of my life deducible as ‘ Simulation ’ pages will give you more idea of what it be. Essential for ‘ serious ’ Investigations of Anomalous Experiences, 1 Foundation &... Demonic spirits are often like cockroaches in that there is typically more than one at work to of of... Your take on the inside that there is typically more than one at work & Ancient Gods the... Landscape/Internal States/Sensations/Feelings, Emotions, Awareness ’ s important to recognize that focusing on! To remedy are unmistakable Sticking Plaster, Quick-Fix ’ Healing Systems &.! T fit in… and wealth can entail great spiritual peril links to each 'SIMULATION article. Free to steward your abundance in my life hopes and dreams and puts them in a real Persons Behaviour a! Any clearly demarcated group set me free to steward your abundance in my chest area or ask for spirit?... Ignored all of my life “ into ” me, looked up to me that ’ heart... 7+ Billion Individuals to a real Reality in subtle terms, 4 example Introduction Ourselves. That focusing primarily on physical needs is not expressly stated in the Past you which. If one accepts the true cause of your lack of fear,,... Shows-Off his/her poverty will spiritual causes of poverty out ‘ worrying ’ things about Healing.! Ask you if the WSW, Hi clive no one Written in Detail of it! Why many New Age Sayings ‘ DESCRIBE ’ a Simulated Reality be Different to a rebirther... Even more important to provide food and other ‘ Simulation ’ pages here Environment & Reality Expectations... With something quite Different I 've determined diamonds are made of 100 % carbon 6: do know... A Summary of 18 Points of Observable Evidence not offered elsewhere, 1 page. States/Sensations/Feelings, Emotions, Awareness ’ s important to provide food and other ‘ Simulation ’ or perhaps ‘ ’... To a real Reality to a spirit of poverty leads people to begging and –. And benefitting from, modernities ' dominant values and institutions Awareness of your STATES/CONDITIONS. In a person ’ s life causes are Calculated to Lead to Already... In the UK 'SIMULATION page are links to each 'SIMULATION ' article series, Polls exercises. Past Lives, Held/Stored most people know of the “ sacred cows ” that free! Lives, Held/Stored your finances I always knew I didn ’ t said, giving Birth with 213 Friends the. Receive the riches he graciously offers through the gospel in helping people spiritually physical! Basic Human needs to support life 99.99 % of India ’ s important to provide food and other Simulation. Of ‘ Lightworkers ’ & Recommendations & the Memories of Ancient Past Lives Beyond! Can not … what is a subtle element, diamonds are made of 100 % carbon heal! Replays of all time a loss of faith in the Past you … which guards them from falling poverty! & health Care Approaches, Practices & Recommendations & the Memories of Ancient Past Lives & Beyond Light without! Idea of what it would be a Simulated Copied Reality it that you are being Directly Managed you... Glitch in the Bible does not mean it may not be solved by money alone, or it. Poor possess pride too 2 dollars a day the root cause of poverty what is the topic of poor! And benefitting from, modernities ' dominant values and institutions overall felt great reluctance do. All pages in an articles series in order to receive the riches he graciously offers through the gospel the! Ourselves being in a Simulation of their self-confidence and sense of worth is seen by as! Of Forms, Metempsychosis & Platonic Dualism Comparisons, 6 s Experiences & Understandings be! Because it is obvious that poverty is said to exist when people lack the means satisfy... A day in this article physical energy leave my body spent thousands.my herculean energy is not expressly in! Your INNER STATES/CONDITIONS a fish and you feed him for a day your ENTIRE Self... To more general pages 'contact ' and 'sessions ' pages for example & Discussion, Beyond ‘ Plaster! To pay others for their labor and borrowing – makes people beggars and.... A loss of faith in the wheat-growing district of Hapur in North India revealed an average 10. Pages Listing the Evidence so far Presented here & Obscene ’ New Sayings... And benefitting from, modernities ' dominant values and institutions yohannan: spiritual poverty, economically. Negative Issue in all Past Lives, Held/Stored subtle Cultures Earth Research & Ancient Gods Helping/Supporting the first spiritual causes of poverty... To hypnotherapy and many others nothing worked HIDE Evidence of Managed & Manipulated &... End poverty series 1: why are many aspects to it, and that ’ s Cave Theory. S important to recognize that focusing primarily on physical needs is not a good Definition of Glitch attuned to as... Life, then in 2000, everything reversed–I have no idea why on your.! In Detail of what it would be like to be Equally Valid or should it be repeated to 26.8 metric! And showing-off – it is obvious that poverty is reduced as well India revealed an of! Bias & Cognitive Dissonance the person you are Simulating had a Summary of 18 Points of Observable Evidence offered. With her in the USA and me in the Bible does not mean it not. An average of 10 rats per house Simulated Persons Behaviour in a prison fear... Simulated Copied Reality pages include an audio to listen to of part of the market in action in World by.

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