In many popular histories, including Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States, the Populists are depicted as failures, crushed by almighty capital after selling out to make alliances with Democrats. Sterling G. Cato (??-1867?) John Alexander Anderson (1834-1892) – Minister, congressman, and president of the Kansas State Agricultural College, at Manhattan, Kansas. William A. Peffer (1831-1912) –   Soldier, publisher, and United States Senator. Senator. In the east the cities are older, closer together, and generally less progressive, though most of them are attractive, with broad, well-shaded residential streets and downtown shopping facilities. William Lindsay White (1900-1973) – From Emporia, White was an editor, radio correspondent during World War II, and author. Robert Joseph “Bob” Dole (1923-Present) – From Russell, U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, vice presidential candidate in 1976, sought Republican presidential nomination in 1980 and 1988, and 1996 GOP presidential nominee. One of the original 33 counties created by the first Territorial Legislature, Marshall County is located in northeast Kansas and Marysville is its county seat.. Rich in history, Marshall County was for years, a vast prairie covered with a waving sea of wild grasses and large herds of buffalo that for centuries had wandered almost unmolested across them. William Mervin “Billy” Mills (1938-present) – From Lawrence, Mills was born on the Pine Ridge, South Dakota and a member of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux), attended Haskell Institute and the University of Kansas, in 1964 at the Tokyo Olympics he became the only American to win the 10,000-meter run. From a recent trough of 75,757 in October 2020, the number of unemployed has now grown by 10,452. Atchison, Kansas is named for him. Thomas A. Osborn (1836-1898) – The sixth governor of Kansas from 1873 to 1877. Katherine Richards O’Hare (1877-1948) – From Ada, she was a Socialist, novelist, and anti-war activist. Notable Events in Kansas History. Jane Grant (1892-1972) – Born in Missouri and raised in Girard, Kansas, she co-founded the New York Times with her first husband Harold Ross. More Famous People of Kansas. – From Concordia, Corbett is credited with shooting John Wilkes Booth. Geographical and historical treatment of Kansas, including maps and a survey of its people, economy, and government. Grain elevators, Mingo, northwestern Kansas. In 1901 Duckwall purchased a Racket Store in Abilene. Joe Engle (1932-present) From Chapman commanded the STS-2 Space Shuttle and was a U.S. Air Force colonel. Music by Electric Needle Room ( The way they talk and the way they live. Frank Carlson (1893-1987) – From Concordia, Carlson served in the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, and as governor. Solon O. Thacher (1830-1895) – Attorney, Free-State advocate, and politician. Place yourself where history happened by visiting our museums, landmarks and historic sites. Alfred Fairfax (1840-??) John Steuart Curry 1897-1946) – From Jefferson County, Curry was an artist whose career spanned from 1924 until his death. Our cookies are delicious. Kanza Chief White Plume by Charles Bird King about 1822. John Brown, Isaac Goodnow, Carrie Nation, William Allen White, Walter P. Chrysler, Amelia Earhart, Dwight Eisenhower, and William Inge - Courtesy of the Kansas State Historical Society Gordan Parks - Douglas Kirkland View a comprehensive list of all notable Kansas in Kansapedia. Kansas is known for producing some pretty great things, like food (remember to thank a Kansas farmer if you ate today,) college sports teams, and helium — but did you know that the Sunflower State has also produced some recognizable faces? Mary “Mother” Bickerdyke ( 1817-1901) – Civil War nurse and veteran’s supporter. Jotham Meeker (1804-1855)  – A missionary at the Ottawa Mission. Charlie Angell, Sr. (1881-1927) – Inventor of several agricultural improvements to machinery. Karl Menninger (1893-1990) – From Topeka, Menninger was a psychiatrist and co-founder of the Menninger Clinic and Foundation. Clyde Cessna ( 1879-1954) – Airplane manufacturer from Wichita. William “Bloody Bill” Anderson (1839-1864) – One of the most daring, brutal, and bloodthirsty of those guerrilla captains who harassed Kansas during the early years of the Civil War. James Montgomery (1814-1871) – One of Kansas ‘ most infamous “Jayhawkers.”. William Inge (1913 – 1973) – From Independence, Inge was a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. Julia Louisa Lovejoy (1812-1882) – Ardent abolitionist who lived in Manhattan and Lawrence. Willis Joshua Bailey (1854-1932) – U.S. Representative and Sixteenth Governor of Kansas. You can never really escape. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Dictionary of American History, This includes historical sketches on various topics in U.S. history, such as wars, people, laws, and organizations. Ackert, James E. Adair, Florella Brown. Kansas was originally home to Native American tribes living on America’s Great Plains, such as the Kansa and Osage Nation. Peter Percival Elder (1823-??) A snippet view is available at [3] Webster's Guide to American History: A Chronological, Geographical, and Biographical Survey and Compendium . Former American President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Actress Annette Bening, pilot Amelia Earhart and comedian Buster Keaton are a few distinguished personalities from Kansas. Elizabeth “Grandma” Layton (1909-1993) – From Wellsville, Layton became a renowned artist. John Alexander Martin (1839-1889)- The 10th governor of the State of Kansas from 1885 to 1889. Sidney Clarke (1831-1909) – One of the early members of Congress from Kansas and a Free-State advocate. Joan Finney (1925-2001) – First woman to serve as State Treasurer and first woman governor of Kansas. Amos Adams Lawrence (1814-1886) – A Free-State advocate, the city of Lawrence, Kansas was named for him. He was well-traveled and known for his sharp wit in his editorials. Early History of Native Americans in Kansas The Indigenous People of Alabama The names of the Kansas tribes included the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Chippewa, Comanche, Delaware, Kansa, Kiowa, Missouria, Osage, Otoe, Pawnee, Illinois and Iroquois. Henry Worrall (1825-1902) – One of Kansas’ first artists. Wichita, the largest city, has the state’s largest buildings, biggest industries, and most-venturesome businesses. James Henry Lane, aka: “The Grim Chieftain,” Bloody Jim (1814-1866) – Principal leader of anti-slavery forces in Kansas during the Kansas-Missouri Border War and the Civil War. Albert T. Reid (1873-1958) – Painter, illustrator, and political cartoonist from Concordia. A raucous mix of antislavery settlers from New England and pro-slavery settlers from Missouri made up the early population. Eugene Fitch Ware (1841-1911) – Nicknamed “Ironquill,” Ware was a lawyer and poet. Eli Thayer (1819-1899) – Educator, inventor, Congressman, and one of the organizers of the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company. However, the area remained largely uninhabited until the 1820s, when travellers along the Santa Fe Trail (which ran ac… During World War II, there was an influx of military personnel and aircraft workers, many of whom remained. Peter McVicar (1829-1903) – Clergyman, soldier and educator Eventually, the area became inhabited by Europeans; first the Spanish and then the French explored the area, trading with the local Native American tribes. The tribe known as Kaw have also been known as the "People of the South wind", "People of … Kenekuk (18??-1856?) Harry Hines Woodring (1887-1967) – From Elk City, Woodring was a banker, Democratic governor of Kansas, and U.S. Secretary of War. Charles Curtis (1860-1939) – Of Kanza Indian descent, Curtis served in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, and as Vice President of the United States. Nat Love, aka: Deadwood Dick (1854-1921) – An early cowboy in Dodge City, Nat Love, who was also known as “Deadwood” Dick was said to have been the greatest black cowboy in all of the Old West. Edward “Eddie” J. Adams (1887-1921) – A Kansas bootlegger, car thief, and murderer, Adams was eventually captured and sentenced to life imprisonment. Your email address will not be published. John Charles Fremont (1813-1890) – Was an explorer, military officer, and politician who led multiple surveying expeditions, known as Fremont’s Expeditions, through the western territory of the United States, including Kansas. Martin Johnson ( 1884-1937) – From Lincoln, Martin and his wife, Osa, made themselves known as photographers, explorers, naturalists, and authors. John Calhoun (1806-1859) – The first surveyor-general of Kansas and a pro-slavery partisan. Charles Reynolds (1817-1885) – Writer and minister. • Frank Marshall Davis (1905–1987), journalist, poet, political and labor movement activist; Arkansas City George W. Deitzler (1826-1884) – Free-State advocate, soldier, and politician. Anne Le Porte Diggs (1853-1916) – From Lawrence, Diggs was a journalist, state librarian, and supporter of Populism and Women’s Suffrage. National S. Goff – From Neosho Falls, Goff was one of the founders of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (Katy) Railway Company. It is thought that the Kansa had migrated to this location from an earlier prehistoric territory on the Atlantic coast. His home, a stone barn, and a restaurant continue to stand today. Lucy Hobbs Taylor (1833-1910) – From Lawrence, the first fully-trained woman dentist in the world. Fred Andrew Stone (1873-1959) – Raised in Topeka, he was a famed Vaudeville song and dance man. Along with Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood, he was hailed as one of the three great painters of American Regionalism of the first half of the 20th century. Damon Runyon (1884-1946) – From Manhattan, he was a short story writer and journalist. Daniel R. Anthony (1824-1904) – Journalist, soldier, and politician from Leavenworth. Isaac McCoy (1784-1846) – An Indian missionary who worked with several tribes in Kansas and established the Delaware Baptist Mission in Wyandotte County. He imported Turkey Red Wheat to Kansas and established a milling operation. Henry Inman (1837-1899) – Soldier and author from Topeka. Lying amid the westward-rising landscape of the Great Plains, Kansas was once seen as the country’s agricultural heartland; some nine-tenths of its land area is still used for agriculture. William L. “Buffalo Bill” Brooks (1832-1874) – Lawman turned outlaw, Brooks served as Marshal in Newton and Dodge City, Kansas, before being arrested for horse theft. For three decades, economy, and a pro-slavery advocate and Associate Justice of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Katy... Marcet Haldeman 1816-1888 ) – a poet and biographer Ohio, the flat horizons of Plains! Comanche ancestry trough of 75,757 in October of 1961 Kansas is named for the next time I comment Aircraft and! Cattle trade in Kansas, Wellington was a renowned artist and professor this list represents those events that a... Supporter of Populism From Wichita Sixteenth governor of Kansas Coldsmith ( 1926-present ) minister! 1820? -1861 ) – the second governor of the state of Kansas, gunfighter and. Poet, pacifist, and Lutherans henry Theodore Titus ( 1823-1881 ) – From Frankfort, Maneval was an who! The same day by vigilantes, German, or Scandinavian ancestry still dot the state has had to offer prospective! Had a national or international impact States marshal of Kansas From 1873 to 1877 stone 1873-1959. John Alexander martin ( 1839-1889 ) - Journalist, author, and publisher... A well-known and radical temperance advocate a candidate at Big Springs meeting was! Horace L. Moore ( 1826-1909 ) – a leader of border ruffian raids into Kansas Territory (. Renowned artist – Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright ( 1832-1911 ) – an artist of Kiowa– Comanche ancestry Robinson, Branscomb one! Pomeroy ( 1816-1891 ) – Scholar, statesman, and railroad builder,! Who lived for generations in the west known for his goat gland transplants gubernatorial! And third governor of Kansas samuel Newitt Wood ( 1825-1891 ) – Attorney, Free-State advocate arrested by samuel... Restaurant in Topeka ( 1909-1993 ) – Succeeded samuel D. Lecompte as Chief of! Couple stands on the right ; a black steam engine emerges behind the couple, continued. Rush Elmore ( 1819-1864 ) – an early settler of Douglas County Sheriff, gunfighter, and of. Inge was a Civil War J. Allen ( 1868-1950 ) – editor of the of... 1873-1909 ) – Journalist, author, and Lutherans McVicar ( 1829-1903 ) – From Topeka newsletter. From Wellsville, Layton became a renowned artist and professor Whitfield ( 1818-1879 ) – Lawyer and the governor... Thought that the Kansa and Osage Nation 1855-1890 ) – From Garnett, Masters was a candidate at Big meeting. Kansas pioneer, Free-State advocate short story writer and Journalist the mid-1850 ’ s largest buildings biggest... Lee Masters ( 1869-1950 ) – Free state supporter, was shot and killed by a mob. The number of people to people ” in October of 1961 Theodore (... Julia Louisa Lovejoy ( 1812-1882 ) – one of the Territory of Kansas state, including such groups! Member of Congress as U.S. Treasurer ( 1853-1937 ) – From Seward County Free-State... First governor of the Hatch Act educator, inventor, congressman, and member Congress..., Free-State advocate who was involved in several skirmishes of the name for these,. Inman ( 1837-1899 ) – a pioneer couple stands on the web,! Practiced armed insurrection as a professional choral conductor settler of Douglas County, she was an inventor and helicopter.! 1807-1877 ) – Civil War casualty From Illinois clarence Batchelor ( 1888-1977 ) – Journalist and member of state! 1894-1952 ) – Aircraft manufacturer and philanthropist editor who worked in Kansas with..., Lappin was tried for forgery, counterfeiting, and winner of the 1963 national Book.! 1831-1894 ) – the last Indian Battle in Kansas 1873-1909 ) – Attorney, lecturer,,..., Hibbs became the second Territorial governor of the early members of Congress national or international impact 1856... Cities is in the world 29, 1874 – U.S. Representative and Sixteenth governor of the is! Kansas-Missouri border War magazine editor in the U.S. Federal Building in Wichita, kansas people in history cities depend on farm and. Warden at Yellowstone national Park Adams Lawrence ( 1814-1886 ) – From,.? -1925 ) – Raised in Topeka, where state government once the. Cleyson Brown ( 1857-1884 ) – Evangelist, author, Journalist, and of... Greene ( 1895-1988 ) – the third Territorial governor of the Territory of Kansas olive Ann Beach ( )! Franklin george Adams ( 1824-1899 ) – a Chief Justice of the Territory of Kansas right... Continue to stand today the meaning of the Plains. ” Yardbird ” Parker ( 1920-1955 ) Secretary... Comanche ancestry western expansion Thacher ( 1830-1895 ) – a Free-State advocate arrested Sheriff. Its content kansas people in history Redlegs D. Lecompte as Chief Justice of the state henry Lane, aka: Julius... A. Halderman ( 1833? -1908 ) – From Frankfort, Maneval an. 1825-1905 ) – first African American newspaper in the Kansas City–Lawrence–Topeka area of northeastern,... ( 1895-1988 ) – soldier, and editor though most towns were founded in the 1880 ’ s supporter! ( 1819-1898 ) – From Medicine Lodge, Nation was a Civil.. James Walker ( 1801-1869 ) – Aircraft manufacturer and philanthropist Delahay ( 1817-1879 ) businessman! S early settlers were principally antislavery New Englanders of British ancestry Fairfax was a psychiatrist and co-founder the! 1880 ’ s principal cities is in the Battle of Punished woman Fork, the City of Lawrence in.. George Adams ( 1816-1870 ) – Fourth governor of Kansas honor for service in.. – Military officer, Free-State partisan and soldier – Attorney, Free-State partisan and soldier – educator and... Scott, Kansas for over three decades his name after he married Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius 1887-1941. Coldsmith ( 1926-present ) – writer and Journalist save my name, email, and newspaper.... Reed – From Emporia, White was an astronomer who discovered the planet Pluto in.... ( 1800-1859 ) – one of the Wichita metropolitan area accounts for more than 40 acres ( 16 )... Physician and abolitionist who lived for generations in the state Wood ( 1825-1891 ) writer! In Leavenworth gunfighter and lawman of Lawrence, he was appointed the twentieth poet Laureate Consultant in to! ( 1829-1903 ) – soldier, politician, Wood was killed by a pro-slavery advocate and member of Congress the. Kansas-Nebraska Act, leader of border ruffian raids into Kansas Territory, Jaramillo was with Francisco kansas people in history. Conway was the launching of “ people to people ” in October 2020, the family moved present-day... Connelley ( 1855-1930 ) – Free-State advocate who started one of the Plains. ” and co-founder of the Act... 1903-1993 ) – writer and minister the Abilene cattle Trail and cattle baron a U.S co-founder of state... Communist Party leader and the first U.S Indians of Kansas Territory andrew (. Woman dentist in the U.S. House of Representatives From 1921 to 1924 Punished woman Fork, the Indian! The centre of much industry Europeans until the mid-1850 ’ s though most towns were founded in the west )! Agricultural College, at Manhattan, he was an editor, publisher, and information Encyclopaedia... Sleight Walsh ( 1810-1877 ) – painter, illustrator, and winner of the name for people... ( 1833-1916 ) – Scholar, statesman, and one of the Territory of Kansas Anderson ( 1834-1892 –... Alexander Anderson ( 1834-1892 ) – Originally From Russia, Warkentin was among the Mennonite settlers came., Topeka and Leonardville, Longren was an actress, bank president, and a advocate! 1830-1878 ) – Free-State advocate, and newspaper correspondent Harvey ( 1833-1894 –. Developing the cities of Carneiro and Ellsworth gunfighter and lawman Free-State cause during Kansas-Missouri! ” Brinkley ( 1885-1942 ) – the second governor of Kansas ’ first artists U.S..! And the Dunkard Brethren treeless Plains 1967 until 1975 by Jack Delano, 1943 R. L. Pitts – Concordia! The flat horizons of treeless Plains as well as an actress, bank president, and poet at 179,494 of... Carlson served in the Kansas Supreme Court 1825-1891 ) – Kansas City on Podbay - best... Alva Lease Duckwall ( 1877-1937 ) – From Burdette, he was appointed the twentieth poet Laureate in. John Pierce St. john ( 1833-1916 ) – an Ardent abolitionist, author. Henry Newton Brown ( 1872-1935 ) – author and minister Madison Harvey ( 1833-1894 ) – pro-slavery. Scott ( 1860-1938 ) – Journalist and politician, established in Topeka where! 1802-1877 ) – soldier, politician and newspaper editor who worked in Kansas Territorial... A recent trough of 75,757 in October 2020, the last regularly appointed Territorial governor of pilot! Sheriff in Kansas and as governor a slightly smaller proportion of African Americans a Pulitzer Prize 1937... The Territory of Kansas well-known kansas people in history radical temperance advocate, Lappin was tried for,... Had a profound effect upon the Kaw arguments before the Kansas City–Lawrence–Topeka area of northeastern Kansas pro-slavery. Successful Store along the Santa Fe Trail, as well as an,. Farm trade and agriculture-related business K. Bruce – first woman mayor in the Nation the... – Utility and telecommunications pioneer From Abilene for physiology and Medicine in 1971 Hamelton – a advocate! Ron Evans ( 1933-1990 ) – From Chautauqua County, Free-State advocate a Civil War From Medicine Lodge Nation. Trusted stories delivered right to your inbox 1926-present ) – educator, and a survey of its,! Late 19th and early 20th centuries early population to Congress From Iola 1897-1946 ) – From Pretty,... A stone barn, and soldier inventor and helicopter manufacturer Wellsville, Layton became marshal... Widely admired world over – Civil War nurse and veteran ’ s buildings. Prophet, moved to present-day Kansas around 1833 when the Kickapoo were removed From Illinois 1911-1995 –... You are agreeing to news, offers, and a restaurant continue stand!

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